Volunteer work?

Do you enjoy doing volunteer work? Is there anywhere you volunteer right now?  I have been a volunteer at my daughter’s school, I was the reading helper when she was in fifth grade.  I really enjoy reading and this was one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. 

I have also volunteered for my services as a paralegal for a non-profit organization near where I live.  Most of what I did is also confidential but it was a very satisfying job.

We think of our jobs that we get “paid” to do each day but we don’t get “paid” to volunteer our time and talents.  Often times I hear of people who volunteer and somehow make a paid career out of it.  Have you ever done that?Imagevolun



I’ve decided to join the NaBloPoMo of Blog her Month of Sept 2013 Challenge.

The theme for September is SERVE.

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This Month’s Theme is… SERVE
National Day of Service falls in the middle of September, giving people a chance to remember those lost during the 9-11 attacks.  Americans can come together in service by lending a hand to others in their community.  And your blog is the perfect place to call friends and family to action, reminding them of how much is gained when we give our time and expertise to others.
During this month’s NaBloPoMo theme, we’ll talk about volunteering.  We’ll remember favourite projects we’ve participated in, or write about new projects we’d like to do.  We’ll explore ethical questions in volunteering — should we help out anonymously or be known for our actions?  We’ll talk about the most important things we can give away, and how we feel after we help.
You can read more about the new NaBloPoMo theme on our opening post.
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